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Welcome to the Most Comprehensive E-Banking.

You may access your bank account and do online banking activities at any time with the help of InterPrimeCoast, a secure, quick, convenient, and effective E-banking.

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Online payments

There are a variety of online payment options available, including PayPal, Stripe, Paystack, Skrill, Flutterwave, Mollie, Payeer, and RazorPay.

Get a loan

We have numerous ideas for loan applications. By providing some of your accurate information, you can apply to one of our lending programs.

Deposit Plans

You can choose between two deposit plans: the Fixed Deposit Receipt and the Deposit Pension Scheme.

Transfer Money

By including your beneficiaries, you can transfer your money between InterPrimeCoast Bank and the other banks we support.

About Us

Your finances and security are important to us.

Our Mission

Our primary goal is to create and maintain long-lasting generational connections with our clients.

Our Vision

In this reality, InterPrimeCoast will provide services everywhere and grow to be the most well-liked bank.

Our Goal

Serving clients from all around the world, InterPrimeCoast will emerge as the most well-liked financial institution in this universe.

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Our Services

We make your life comfortable with our services.

Fast Transfer

Our money transfer method is safe and simple. Send your money to your recipients at InterPrimeCoast Bank or at other financial institutions. InterPrimeCoast Bank transfers are instant, however transfers to other banks can take up to 24 hours.

Deposit Funds

InterPrimeCoast Bank account members can deposit money using one of our many payment channels. PayPal, Stripe, Paystack, Skrill, Flutterwave, Bitcoin, Mollie, Payeer, and other online payment processors are available.

Withdraw Funds

Money can be withdrawn from InterPrimeCoast Bank accounts by account holders. You can trust InterPrimeCoast Bank since no withdrawal will be processed without verification.

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Why Choose Us?

We are giving you the best services

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Secure Service

To ensure the security of your funds, OTP authentication is required for every balance-subtracting transaction. Additionally, you can enable 2FA security from the account settings and utilize the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone.

Lowest Transaction Fee

Our transaction fee is significantly lower than that of other banks. With the lowest transaction fee possible, you can deposit, transfer, and withdraw your money. You may trust us because our transfer system is reliable and safe.

How it works

It's easy to join with Us


Open an Account

To be an account holder you have to open an account first.



After registration you need to verify your Email and Mobile Number.



Deposit some funds before applying on any FDR or DPS plans.


Get Service

Now you can get any of our services as our registered account-holder

Fixed Deposit Scheme

Efforts are our rewards are yours!



20%/ 1080 Days
  • Lock in Period 1080 Days
  • Get Profit Every 1080 Days
  • Profit Rate 20%
  • Minimum £1,000.00
  • Maximum £100,000.00


10%/ 730 Days
  • Lock in Period 730 Days
  • Get Profit Every 730 Days
  • Profit Rate 10%
  • Minimum £100.00
  • Maximum £1,000.00


8%/ 365 Days
  • Lock in Period 365 Days
  • Get Profit Every 365 Days
  • Profit Rate 8%
  • Minimum £10.00
  • Maximum £500.00
Our Loan Schemes

We Have The Best Loan Plans


Enterprise Loan

12% /720 Days
  • Take Minimum £5,000.00
  • Take Maximum £500,000.00
  • Per Installment 12%
  • Installment Interval 720 Days
  • Total Installment 720

Business Loan

12% /365 Days
  • Take Minimum £1,000.00
  • Take Maximum £100,000.00
  • Per Installment 12%
  • Installment Interval 365 Days
  • Total Installment 365

Student Loan

5% /365 Days
  • Take Minimum £100.00
  • Take Maximum £1,000.00
  • Per Installment 5%
  • Installment Interval 365 Days
  • Total Installment 182

All across the world, we offer our financial services.

A safe and reliable E-banking platform that is currently gaining popularity across the globe is InterPrimeCoast Bank. We give our account holders the greatest FDR, DPS, and Loan options available.


Account Holders

1.75M +

Total Transaction


Total Branches


Countries We Serve

I opened an account with InterPrimeCoast Bank five years ago, and I feel secure keeping my money there. Their Deposit Plans are quite beneficial.

Bills Handshake

CEO. PipeSanding

The is simply amazing; the best service I have ever received. You can entrust them with your money and deposit it. Their loan programs are quite beneficial.

Elizabeth Cosh

MD, Federal Corporation

I have never received better service. The method of sending money is excellent. Because of the beneficiary listing technique, it is highly effective.

Kirk Sandwich

DOP of korsh Security Services

The best service I have ever had. The procedure for transferring money is fantastic. It is quite efficient thanks to the beneficiary listing mechanism.

Fred Quench

CEO of KingsPark

Frequently Asked Questions

Even though we have given a lot of details about who we are, what we do, how we work, our terms and conditions, our policies, etc., there is still more information that we could supply.

Yes, We do not charge any fees to open an account.

Undoubtedly, you can transfer funds from InterPrimeCoast bank to another bank.

By selecting the Sing Up button in the top bar, you may access the signup form. Complete the form, then press the Sign Up button.

We do not divulge the personal information of our account holders to any outside companies.

We have several loan plans. Choose the best plan suitable for you and just click on the Apply Now button and put the amount.

A number of FDR plans exist. Select the plan that is the greatest fit for you, then click the Apply Now button and enter the required amount.

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